Ryan Ewing

Web Developer, Student

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(360) - 920-2607


I eat and breathe web technologies and technology in general. I wear Google Glass on my face and a Pebble on my wrist. I trained in Algorithms and Data Structures at UW Seattle, and trained in real software through internships and playing with code as a hobby. If I'm not hopping and buzzing about my latest escapade, check my pulse.


Client-Side Development

I use Javascript, HTML, and CSS to create rich client-side applications. I love using MVC frameworks like Backbone and Angular. Yeoman, grunt, and bower are critical tools in my belt. Web Compontents and WebRTC make me warm inside.

Server-Side Development

I love using Python and Javascript (with Node.js) to create web applications. I work with MongoDB, MSSQL, MySQL, Postgres, and Redis. I've had a lot of experience implementing algorithms and data structures in Java and Python.


I have managed dozens of hackathon teams. I led three full-time temp workers and am currently managing two full-time interns at Concur. I am the lead in every project I work on because I am easy to work with and people respect my opinion.


  • Javascript (Client and Server)
  • CSS3
  • HTML5
  • MySQL/MSSQL/MongoDB/Redis
  • Ruby/PHP/Python/Java
  • Subversion/Git
  • OS X
  • Red Hat EL


Concur Technologies

Software Design Engineer


Built benchmarking system that allowed for the Optical Character Recognition feature at Concur. Automated localization to use machine translations, increasing support from 3 languages to 23, and saving over one million dollars in translation costs. Created a web application that creates dashboards, effectively cloning myself a dozen times.

Concur Technologies

R&D Global Intern


Built dashboards and internal tools for use across the company. Built the system Concur uses to manage and monitor software releases.



October 2011

1st Place at Facebook Hackathon. Turntable.FM for your IRL party or venue. Let your visitors add the music and vote on what they want to hear. Python/Django, jQuery, Sencha Touch, HTML


September 2011

Location-based cross-platform application to plot on a map where people are hanging out. PHP, MySQL, JS, HTML, jQuery mobile


July 2011

2nd Place at Google Hackathon. Group video chat. Demo, mostly functional

Pocket Change

March 2010

2nd Place at Yahoo Hacku competition. Analytics site + Extension to enable micro-donations on shopping websites. PHP, MySQL, JS, HTML


March 2009

3rd place at Yahoo Hacku competition. Location-based day planner.


Road Biking

September 2011 - Bike MS Charity Ride

Rock Climbing

Active member at the UW Climbing Wall


Frequently attend meetups and conferences from Seattle to San Francisco (Google IO) to engage with others in my field and to learn as much as possible.


Volunteer at Elementary Schools to teach Science to 3rd graders


University of Washington - Seattle, Washington (December 2013)

Applied Computational Math Sciences — Discrete Math and Algorithms

Relevant courses:
CSE373: Data Structures and Algorithms.
CSE413: Languages and Compilers.
CSE414: Database Systems.
CSE415: Artificial Intelligence.
CSE417: Algorithm Design.

Ryan Ewing — hi@ryanewing.me — (360) - 920-2607